Freaky head is back!

We first met last Nov. 19, late in the afternoon. I was sitting in what we call the “140-stand” when I saw a buck walking my way down a ridge. He probably had just checked a food plot for does and was trolling to see if he could get lucky.

"Freaky Head" is 3 1/2 years-old and appears to have grown about 30 more inches of antler from last year's sheds.

I could tell he was probably 2 1/2 and that his rack was a typical 10-point frame with three extra tines rising upwards from inside the main beam. He was very unique.

A few months later Ed Schulte and I found his shed antlers, minus one of the extra points on one of our food plots. I wondered if he’d come back. If so, how much he’d grown.

According to our trail cameras he came back to the same food plot about Aug. 15, still carrying velvet-covered antlers. By Sept. 1 he was polished clean.

Freaky Head's shed antlers were found late last winter in the same food plot where he was recently photographed by a trail camera. He's grown.

He’s added some more points to his main beams and has stickers coming from some tines. We figure he’s added at least 30 inches of antler since last year.

I hope we see him again during the daylight sometime this fall.