Apple-stuffed moose roast?

We humans  have long been told not to drink and drive.

Looks like someone forget to tell a moose it’s not a good idea to eat fermented apples and walk.


Assuming the article is correct it’s not the first time “drunk” wild animals has been documented. I’ve had friends tell of ruffed grouse staggering around northern woodlands after eating fermented grapes or apples.

On a related note lots of doves have been shot coming and going from the seeds in wild marijuana fields. (I can’t say they were flying any slower, sorry.) I’ve also found “weed” seeds in pheasant and quail, too.

I’m glad the Swedish moose appears to have survived the ordeal and hope it has a long life. But, should a hunter get a crack at the moose this fall I wonder if he’ll be in for an extra-special treat. Moose meat is already special but he might have gotten one that came pre-marinated.