Wildlife beats the traffic

It appears the bighorn sheep, buffalo and other wildlife at the Black Hill’s Custer State Park don’t much care for traffic.

Hard to find at twilight, Custer State Park's buffalo were easily seen mid-day.

On vacation last week we twice went on evening drives on the area’s famed wildlife loop and saw few of either.  We did, though, see dozens of other vehicles out and about also looking. There were also wagons being pulled with noisy tourists and signing cowboys and assorted tour SUV’s, too.

Seemed strange, since twilight is the best time to see wildlife on Kansas drives.

A small band of bighorn sheep licking something from the edge of the road. Salt from winter care?

So when Kathy wanted a quick mid-afternoon drive our last day in the Black Hills I wasn’t expecting much…but within a few minutes we found a herd of more than 100 buffalo grazing beside a popular road. We also saw a small band of bighorn sheep and the park’s obnoxious “begging burros” that had traffic stopped while people illegally fed them.

Other animals commonly seen were pronghorns, whitetail deer and wild turkeys.

Oh, and trout, I saw quite a few trout. Go to www.kansas.com/outdoors to see some cool fish photos and a story about fishing in the Black Hills.