Kinds of bucks dreams are made of…

This nice 10-pointer had never been seen before about a week ago. He should start rubbing the velvet off his antlers in a few weeks.

This is a fun time of the year for deer hunters. Antlers are about as large as they’re going to get so any trail camera photo shows what dreams will be made of between now and the opening of deer season.

Here are a couple of beauties recently sent to me. Sorry, all I can say is they were sent “by a friend” who happens to hunt in “central Kansas.”

Many bucks are currently traveling in bachelor herds that will break-up in coming weeks when velvet is rubbed from antlers and testosterone kicks in.

Herds of two to eight or ten bucks are common sights in August. It won't be long before the testosterone kicks-in and they all go their merry ways.

Several people have commented on the lack of fawns seen on their trail cameras this year. Biologists in Oklahoma and Texas say does will often leave their fawns during stressful times…like during severe droughts.