Another day another injury

I don’t excel at many things. But I bleed, bruise, scrape and scratch better than about anybody I know.

In barely 14 hours recently I put three new notches on one hand and nobody who knows me was surprised.

One reason I get so beat-up is because I’m a naturally-born klutz.  Also being seriously ADHD my body and attention are often going in opposite directions.

Probably the biggest reason I was the poster-child for band-aids as a boy was that I’ve always lived an active outdoors lifestyle.

As a friend said, “You don’t hear of anybody getting keyboard cuts, do you?”

The recent small wounds came from a pinch while adjusting a trolling motor. The next came from the point of a fillet knife when distracted by a seven-year-old asking one of many questions. The last was from the gill-plate of a walleye I grabbed seconds before it might have planted a treblehook in friend’s foot.

Every year I run long splinters under my skin and perforate myself with thorns, put knots on my head and bruise about every part of my body.

And occasionally I get creative, like that air-crash I survived in northern Canada. Well, technically I was hurt when I crashed my chest into the tail of a parked float plane while jumping from a float to shore and trying to avoid an elderly gentleman who’d stopped unexpectedly in front of me.

I fished all that day, suffered flying home the next and spent most of the third day in intensive care all wired up because I’d bruised my heart…or something like that according to a Dr. who didn’t really even care to see pics of the big pike I’d caught on a fly rod.

And I could go on and on…There was the time I injured my back while sky-diving. I fell 3,000 feet fine but twisted things when I tried to stand and turn too much while cinched down in the body harness.

There really area many more stories but I just don’t have time to share them. I need to get going so my step-brother can heft me 15 feet up into a tree with the front-end loader on our tractor so I can hang a wildlife feeder.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.

That I’m not totally sure means I’m living life as I think it should be lived – on the go and outdoors.