Fishing kids say the darndest things

I went fishing with a 7-year-old last Friday evening. What I heard was as memorable as what we caught.

“I guess he’s really disappointed he decided to eat that lure.”

Konner Jaso said after watching a bass he’d hooked jump high out of the water.

Some may have seen an article last month about fishing in the Flint Hills with Konner. We made most of our equipment, skipped rocks, pieced-together cattle skeletons and picked wild flowers. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THAT COLUMN.

Michelle and Konner with two bass they caught Friday evening.

Friday evening Konner, his mom, Michelle Ewert, and I caught about 25 bass from eight to 20-inches long.

They didn’t miss a detail when I filleted four smallish bass for their trip home.  Konner promised to call after he’d eaten the fillets coated in Andy’s seasonsing. Sunday evening he called.

“Hmmm, probably eating them,” Konner said when asked if it was more fun catching or eating the fish.

But what do you expect from a kid who said, “Lunch,” when asked his favorite part of going to school?