Fishing as hot as the weather

Weathermen say it was the hottest weekend in more than 30 years in many parts of Kansas.

Gardens died, lawns wilted and many people stayed indoors all weekend.

And a friend and I enjoyed some great angling.

While many were stuck inside complaining about the heat Sherry Chisenhall spent a few hours fishing at a local lake where she caught these nice-sized walleye.

The fish were walleye, some stretching to nearly two-feet in length. As fat as feedlot steers they produced fillets as thick as $20 ribeyes.

Kathy and I feasted on my share Sunday noon.

Do you have any idea how good those walleye fillets tasted grilled with onions, sweet peppers, green beans, squash and tomatoes fresh from the garden with a few store-bought mushrooms thrown in?

No matter what you’re thinking those fresh fillets tasted even better.

The goal Saturday was to scratch “catch a walleye” off Sherry Chisenhall’s bucket list. Sherry’s The Eagle’s editor. She’s also a lover of the outdoors. She’s an accomplished birder and we’ve had some good evenings fishing for bass.

Her best bass is about six pounds. A few weeks ago she caught about fifty bass one evening, with two weighing more than four pounds.

Saturday morning we fished with a friend who helped us catch some of the nicest walleyes I’ve seen in many years.


It was a lake not far from Wichita

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…did I mention how incredible those thick, sweet, fresh walleye fillets tasted?