Kayaks, Canoes popular at Riverfest

Wichita’s home to some impressive outdoors groups.

The Flatland Fly Fishers annually save the day at The Eagle’s Kids Fishing Clinic.

The Wichita Audubon Society shares their wonderful Chaplin Nature Center with the public for free.

The Arkansas River Coalition regularly leads free kayak and canoe floats, with all equipment furnished, down the Arkansas River that range from a few evening hours locally to overnight trips of many miles.

This year Ark River Coalition members furnished the equipment and man-power for more than 1,750 people to try floats during Riverfest.

Member Wally Seibel recently sent out an message saying 34 volunteers totaled about 556 man-hours. Many members donated life jackets, canoes and kayaks to help with the event, too.

Pretty impressive.

For more information on the group and upcoming floats go to www.arkriver.org. (Hopefully they’ll get it updated soon!)