Mike and the bean stalk

Every year my gardening horizons widen a bit more.

Four or five years ago it started with a couple of tomato plants in five-gallon buckets. This year I’m expanding the garden about 50-percent and starting some seeds ahead of time indoors.

Lazy as I am I skipped the “work” or putting dirt and seeds in small plastic cups and bought a “professional greenhouse” for about $5.

It’s basically a sturdy plastic tray with a clear plastic lid. It also came with 72 peat disks about as big around as a checker and twice as thick.

The directions were so easy even I only had to read them twice – wet the disks, insert a couple of seeds in each and place them in the tray with the lid on.

I had no clue things would go so well.

I had sprouts of yellow squash, zucchini and green beans within three days so I removed the lid. Ten days after planting I had some bean sprouts 14-inches tall.

Seriously! We could almost sit and watch the little plants grow. The amazing part was how we got that much plant out such a tiny amount of peat that’s only walnut-sized when wet.

The speed of growth caught me way off guard and my garden’s not quite ready to accept the plants.

So in the meantime I’ll be transplanting about 20 seedlings into one of the whisky barrelsĀ  Kathy uses for flowers for a week or so.

It’ll be interesting to see if the amazing growth rate continues.

But if one ends up going into the clouds I’m not climbing it. I have this phobia about giants, you know.