Let the decoy do the work while you’re in town

Every year thousands of wild turkey hunters use decoys to fool a tom into coming into shotgun range so they can make a shot.

Dave Marble, right, and Jane Brown went to Leon for breakfast Thursday morning. When they returned to their hunting spot they found this tom thrashing Marble's turkey decoy.

Unlike most, though, Dave Marble and Jane Brown were miles away when his full-strut decoy lured in a Butler County gobbler last Friday morning.

Brown was in El Dorado as one of the hunters on the 25th Governor’s Turkey Hunt. Marble was her guide.

Before sunrise Friday morning they set-up not far from where some toms and hens were roosted in some cypress trees over a nice-sized pond.

When the birds hit the ground and went the other way Marble decided to take Brown to Leon for breakfast and coffee.

“When we came back this bird was absolutely thrashing my B-Mobile,” Marble said. “I mean he was all over it. I’m pretty sure he ruined the fan.”

The decoy resembles a tom turkey in full strut. Hunters often add the feathered tailfan of a real turkey to the fake tom for added realism.

The two-year-old tom was so into attacking the decoy Marble and Brown were able to drive on to the property and sneak into a hiding position not far from the bird.

After only a few calls Marble though he heard the sound of the tom strutting closer. “Next thing I know she’s about squeezing my fingers off because she could see the bird,” Marble said. He gave a few more calls so the bird raised its head. An expert shot with a shotgun, Brown had no trouble dropping the tom.

It was the first turkey she’d ever shot. An hour after the hunt Brown was still beaming.