Brownback announces special pheasant hunt

Gov. Sam Brownback has announced Kansas’ first Ringneck Classic pheasant hunt will be held this fall in western Kansas.

Today’s press release said the hunt will be Nov. 18-20 and based out of Oakley.

Since being elected Brownback has said he hopes to bring more attention to the Kansas outdoors in an effort to improve the state’s economy.

Gov. Sam Brownback has announced Kansas' first Ringneck Classic pheasant hunt will be Nov. 18-20 in Oakley. It's hoped the celebrity hunt will draw more attention to Kansas' good bird hunting.

“My top priority is to grow the state’s economy. Key to that is capitalizing on the competitive advantages our state has,” Brownback said in the release. “Kansas is consistently ranked as one of the top three states in the country for pheasant hunting. This is an underutilized asset for our rural communities. If we do a better job telling folks about the quality of hunting available here in Kansas, we will pull more of those tourism dollars into Kansas.”

Invitations to the hunt will be sent to select business and community leaders across the nation.

The event will be on the second weekend of the Kansas pheasant season.

The press release states hunting is a $271 million a year business in Kansas and is a vital part of the western Kansas economy in the fall and winter.

In Wichita on Jan. 7 Brownback talked of his desire for a invitational hunt. He mentioned he’d like to see Kansas be more like South Dakota, where the renowned pheasant hunting draws sportsmen from all over the world and adds more than $200 million to the state’s economy.

“I’m tired of South Dakota getting all the credit for having great pheasants when ours are bigger, tougher, wilder and better to shoot at than theirs are,” Brownback joked amid his Jan. 7 announcement of Robin Jennison as his new Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks secretary.

The Ringneck Classic will be Kansas’ second high-profile invitational hunt.

The Governor’s One Shot Turkey Hunt will be April 14-16. This will be the 25th year for the annual hunt in El Dorado.