Tofu for cobras?

An Egyptian cobra on the lam within the Bronx Zoo understandably continues to draw national attention.

Stories of any kind of snake on the loose usually draws attention in our ophidophobic society and this legendary species is especially deadly.

But the reaction of some celebrities to measures being used to find the cobra are a bit surprising and a lot disappointing.

Wednesday morning Today Show co-host Meredith Vieria seemed aghast that zoo officials were using live mice to try to coax the snake out of hiding.

Regis Philbin gave his usual over-stated account of the “huge” cobra on the loose. Philbin and guest host Cat Deeley both recoiled when he mentioned the use of mice to tempt a hopefully hungry cobra.

First, Regis, the thing’s about 20-inches long.

Deadly?, possibly. Huge?, hardly.

And that people would worry about the fate of mice when experts are trying to capture an animal that could seriously harm or kill someone? Come on, get real!

Silly me, though, putting more importance on lives of humans than those of rodents.

Silly me, too, for realizing that in the real world cobras and hundreds of others species of snakes survive by eating other animals and that thousands of species annually eating many millions of mice, rats and other rodents keeps our planet from being over-run by disease-carrying, human food-eating critters.

Sorry, folks, it’s Mother Nature’s way and it seems she knows a bit more about how the planet should run that Meredith or, gulp, even Regis.