A video that will save lives

I have no solid proof, but I’m guessing falls from elevated stands are the most common serious accidents related to hunting.

I do know it happens often and that the accidents usually go unreported. Unlike with a bullet or arrow wound medical personnel attending those injured by a fall do not have to contact authorities.

Off the top of my head I can think of at least five friends who have taken nasty falls. None were killed, thankfully, but two received life-altering injuries and two were very near death.

Most hunter safety departments and all treestand manufacturers go to great lengths to educate hunters on how to prevent such accidents. The attached video is possibly the best educational tool yet.


If you’re a deer hunter, please watch it. If you’re not, please forward it to all the deer hunters that you know.

And don’t be afraid to send it to them again just before deer seasons open again this fall.

No doubt this video has the ability to save lives and prevent serious injury to dozens of hunters this year.