Native Americans get Yellowstone Bison

OK, so maybe it would be more realistic if they were using flint-tipped arrows or shooting with muzzleloading rifles from horseback. But it’s still pretty neat to see a treaty madeĀ  more than 150 years ago honored by the American government.

Several Native American tribes recently got to hunt bison near Yellowstone National Park, honoring a treaty more than 150 years old.

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Sounds like a win-win situation to me. The hunt, (Well, getting buffalo has long been more of a “shoot” than a “hunt.”), helps keep herd numbers under control and provides tons of healthy meat for some who can really use it.

It also lets some people who saw their cultures almost totally trashed by the U.S. Government get a chance to enjoy some of the traditions of their ancestors.

And you know, if I was a bison I think I’d rather be shot and consumed by the native people than dragged down by a pack of wolves or slowly freeze to death some tough, Rocky Mountain winter.

Well done on all counts.