Don’t underestimate the canine brain

For those who think they have a canine prodigy because their poodle or minature dachshund knows what it means to “go wee-wee” or “find a toy,” how about a dog that recognizes more than 1,000 nouns?

Actually this article about an intensively trained border collie is pretty enlightening for accomplished trainers, too.

Click HERE to take a look at one of the neatest stories I’ve read about dogs in quite a while.

Most dogs from working breeds, like herders and retrievers, have a deep instinct to help their pack. That means they've very trainable but also need to be worked to feel content.

I’m always amazed at how deep the “help the pack” instinct is in most breeds.

It’s more amazing how few people understand things like the alpha/beta relationship.

Ditto how few take the time to give their dog the ultimate in peace of mind by giving them a job.

And that can be as easy as cruising with the pack every morning (a walk) or learning the names of a few hundred toys and other items.

(Thanks to Cheryl Miller for the link.)