Deer fight!

Nobody said nature is always nice or that wild animals are always smart.

Click HERE to see a video that’s proof of both.

The story is some Iowa hunters happened across these two whitetail bucks that had locked their antlers during a fight.

It happens and it’s usually fatal as the bucks get exhausted and end up feeding coyotes. I’ve known several people who’ve come across locked bucks and freed them cutting off an antler or two.

In this video the guys use a shotgun to blast one of the antlers off the buck. Rather than run it regains its footing and charges the other buck again despite the shotgun blasts, barking dogs and people in very plain sight.

Other animals get just as focused on combat. We’ve walked right across an open field to tom turkeys in full rumble.

Probably 20 years ago a buddy was driving out on a pheasant hunt when he came across two rooster pheasants battling it out. He and his buddies got out of his truck and watched the tussle for a while.

Eventually Rex loaded his gun and walked up to within a few feet of the birds before they split and went in opposite road ditches. Rex followed one, and it flushed. (Yes, he had permission to hunt on both sides of the road.)

When the shot bird hit the road and started flopping the other rooster came running from the road ditch and jumped on it again.

It met a similar fate after it looked up and saw 6′ 6″ Rex standing a few feet away and flew.

Nope wild animals sometimes aren’t very smart but Rex assured me those two were at least very tasty.