Missouri’s killed lion, 2nd chapter

Sometimes you have to wonder if one fib leads to another. Case in point is the Missouri landowner who a week or so ago said he shot a mountain lion treed by coon hunters.

If you’ll click HERE you can find a link to the initial story and then the recent account of how he and one of the hunters admitted the latter is the one who pulled the trigger.

Their combined initial “non-truth” was probably hoping the landowner could get away with the shooting under the guise of protecting his livestock. The story said he’d had some cattle attacked by mountain lions on his property.

But I wonder. Really?

A year or so I interviewed biologists in South Dakota and Nebraska and both said they had no evidence of mountain lions attacking cattle in their states. A biologist in the Rockies said it was very, very rare.

Attacks on pets, sheep and goats happened annually but cattle attacks were very rare for mountain lions. Kansas biologists have investigated scores of claimed attacks on horses and cattle for decades. To date no solid proof exists such ever happened.

So, did the Missouri landowner really have his cattle attacked or was it part of a story to keep from getting prosecuted?

No matter, though, thousands read the initial accounts and now believe big cats are a threat to every angus and hereford in the township.

The landowner also claimed he’d never let his grandkids play outside unless he was standing guard with a gun because mountain lions might be around.

Another image we don’t need in the public’s mind.

What a shame. We don’t need more public fear or scandal concerning midwestern mountain lions.