Snow Day, Good Judge

Monday’s long-awaited “Snow Day” went well. Hank and I took an hour or so to just cruise back roads in western Reno County, mainly just looking at the countryside after spending the night in a friends small house in Sylvia.

One of four rooster pheasants taken in less than an hour of hunting on Snow Day.

After a breath-taking ride that almost had us in a ditch deeper than some canyons we left the parked truck at about 10 a.m.

We were back by 11 a.m. with a limit of rooster pheasants we’d flushed, shot and fetched from a friend’s CRP field.

It was one of the best pheasant hunts I’d had in years. Then again it was one of the first times we’d enjoyed a “Snow Day” in several years, too.

Poachers need to take note of what’s happening in Oberlin to several Wisconsin men and a Kansas accomplice.

They’re accused of shooting about a dozen trophy bucks in northwest Kansas illegally.

Click HERE to read more details.

Judge Bremer isn’t messing around and is hitting the guys pretty hard in their wallets and the formal sentencing hasn’t even begun.

That’s great to see when so many rural Kansas judges are going lenient on poachers under the “we have too many deer, anyway” idea.