Wasting geese not acceptable- ever!

Jerry Dieckman has a request for the people who dumped 11 uncleaned Canada geese near his property around 31st S and 127th E – stop it.  He doesn’t want to deal with the mess.

I have a request to the same folks – stop hunting. Seriously.

Dieckman found the geese Wednesday and gave me a call. Off the top of my head I told him the yo-yos had violated laws like littering and wanton waste of wildlife.

As bad in my  mind is that such action in totally unethical.

The way I see it those geese could have provided 20 to 40 meals or several pounds of great goose jerky. It would have taken about a half-hour of time to simply remove the breast meat.

Come on, if you have the time to set out decoys you have time to take care of your kill.

If you don’t want them give them to someone who does. If you don’t know anyone who does clean them and freeze them until you find someone. Lots of people enjoy making jerky and goose breast works great ground or thinly sliced.

Simply tossing them away just isn’t acceptable.

If you can’t hunt right them please just stop. You’re wasting a precious natural resource and making those of us who work hard to hunt right look bad.