Commission debates large rifle clips

On Oct. 14 the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission was asked for a ban on large magazines for rifles used while deer hunting.

According to Chris Tymeson, Wildlife and Parks attorney, sportsman Paul Babcock complained of deer hunters firing dozens of shots at running deer, putting his life in jeopardy.

Several commissioners, including  Kelly Johnston and Frank Meyer, showed concern and interest in looking further into the issue.

Commissioner Robert Wilson, however,¬† pointed out most semi-automatic rifles with large magazines are .223 caliber which aren’t legal for deer hunting. Commissioner Gerald Lauber agreed with Wilson’s contention that a regulation limiting ammo would impact a very small number of deer hunters and wasn’t needed.

Tymeson said the department will look into the issue for commission.

Personally, I agree with Wilson and Lauber. There are very few rifles with large magazines afield during deer seasons. I’ve yet to encounter another deer hunter with more than the standard four or five rounds in a rifle that’s fully loaded.

Most hunters are very aware that one well-placed shot is better than five fast ones. I don’t think I’ve ever shot more than twice at one deer with a rifle. The vast majority have been one-shot kills.

Most hunters I know don’t take the shot if they’re not pretty certain of a clean kill.

That’s a matter of ethics and solid hunting skills.