Governor’s Pheasant Hunt

The Lawrence Journal-World ran an article stating that Sam Brownback would like to have a governor’s pheasant hunt if elected.

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It looks like he’s wanting to give South Dakota¬† a run for their money when it comes to promoting pheasant hunting.

Some insight -

You gotta love any time a political candidate cares at all about the outdoor resources¬† of Kansas. According to Mike Hayden, Wildlife and Parks secretary, this is Brownback’s baby from the start. With all that’s going on in Kansas concerning budgets, etc, that he’s even talking about wildlife is impressive.

Some of the financial figures listed in the article don’t match Wildlife and Parks’ or U.S. Fish and Widllife’s figures.

There’s also no way Kansas can currently compete with South Dakota for quality pheasant hunting. The state has more natural pheasant habitat and Dakota landowners have been creating more habitat for years because the birds are such an important part of their economy.

But again, it’s good to see a candidate at least giving the Kansas outdoors some serious thought.

We’ll see what happens down the road if Brownback’s elected.