Kayaker injured by silver carp

It has to be frustrating for athletes to train all year for an event and then have a bodily injury take them out of a long-awaited event.

Imagine this poor Texan having to drop-out because he got clobbered by a jumping silver carp.

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Imagine what would have happened had he been traveling 30 m.p.h. in a boat or on water skis and the same fish would have hit him.

If there is a plus side is that the event again brought attention to the building problems of invasive Asian carp in midwestern waters.

Few articles, unfortunately, mention the threat the fish pose to native fish populations by out-competing them for food.

Still, in the name of accuracy some things need to be cleared-up.

#1 – No true expertI¬† interviewed thought adult Asian carp eat 40-percent of their body weight in plankton a day. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service puts it at 5 to 20-percent. That’s still an amazing number when you consider one-half acre of water can hold up to 1,000 pounds of the fish.

#2 -Several places it’s been reported that Asian carp make-up 90-percent of the bio-mass in the Missouri River. That’s from tests run in some high-density areas. Biologists I talked to didn’t know the over-all average for the Mightly Mo’. They did, though, feel it was possible Asian carp could make up the greatest amount of bio-mass in a river.