Don’t sweat miserable hunting conditions

I’ve hunted doves on days when it was much hotter and waterfowl and pheasants on days when it was much, much colder.

But Sunday morning was surely the most humid hunt of my life.

The woods looked gorgeous at dawn, with lots of fog hanging heavy. Dew was so thick it dripped from leaves and any movement in the treetops by birds brought small showers of water.

But goodness it was miserable.

To stop for a few seconds meant fogged shooting glasses. Even stashing my cap in a pocket of my camo pants didn’t keep my face from heating up. Within a few minutes my shirt was so soaked it felt like I’d been swimming in it. The scope of my .22 rifle fogged when I held it too close to my face while looking into the tree tops.

Miserable conditions? Yes.

Worth it? YES!

I watched a hen wild turkey and four pheasant-sized poults in one of our food plots. They’re the first young birds I’ve seen on our farm. A lot of activity in the woods, too. Songbirds seemed particularly active.

The hunting was great, too. You can probably read more about that on Sunday’s outdoors page.

Enjoy the cooler weather that’s coming this week.