Nugent fined for illegal hunting

A reader sent along this link to an article about rocker/outdoor television host Ted Nugent getting fined for hunting over bait in California.

Some background information -

The C’mere Deer product Nugent was using on the hunt is a high-priced attractant that deer do seem to really enjoy. Advertisements show deer gnawing old stumps that were previously coated with the stuff.

It would be legal to take a deer with C’mere Deer in Kansas and other states where baiting is legal. Baiting for deer is not legal in many states.

Also, the deer shot was a spike. Some places have restrictions that say a buck must have a certain size of antlers or larger before it can be shot. Sounds like the illegal buck may have been in such an area.

In Nugent’s defense, it’s tough to stay up on all state laws when doing a hunting show in so many areas. But in the court’s defense hunters are responsible for knowing laws wherever they’re hunting- no matter who they are.

Interesting that it was an episode of Nugent’s TV show that led to the charges. Many of us have seen Kansas hunting laws broken on shows filmed here.

I can think of at least three cases where I’ve seen celebrity hunters afield without the proper amount of orange for firearms deer hunting. I’m not sure how often Wildlife and Parks has used such footage to press charges.