The joys of a fine morning

Paws pranced all over Kansas this morning.

After a mother of a heat wave hunting dogs got a solid hint that fall’s not far away.

The temperatures in the low to mid-60s felt like teal season. Heavy dew added to the coolness and fall-feel.

Hank bounced around like a puppy on this morning’s walk-retrieve-pee trip along Sand Creek. Heat had kept us from the early morning treks for about three weeks in favor of a a few simple swims every few days.

But his morning we took a mile-long walk where the male side of Hank sniffed and autographed most trees along the way.I tossed about 20 retrieves.

They ranged from a 30 yard toss on mowed grass to 80 yard blind retrieves using hand signals across the wide creek

No matter, the nine-year-old dog romped like a puppy going and coming.

I probably had a little added bounce in the my step, too.

Mornings like this are also my favorites of the summer.