Back from Mankato

Things I learned after attending a most-excellent Wildlife and Parks Commission meeting in Mankato.

When it comes to anything related to deer hunting, commissioners have an “if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it” attitude.

Kansas duck hunters are getting a really good deal this fall and winter. Goose hunters may get an even better deal during the 201o-2011 seasons.

Lovewell State Park is gorgeous. Too bad the lake’s  been closed to all human use because of a blue-green algae problem for several weeks.

Nobody can remember such a heat wave when the countryside looked so green.

Some state park fees are going up, but not the basic daily entrance fee.

Technology may make it easier for the public to “attend” commission meetings in the future.

Commission meeting locations will begin to take on a predictable pattern rather than be shotgunned all around the state. The Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita will be one of the regulars.

Wildlife and Parks officially announced they have no plans to list the lesser prairie chicken on the state’s threatened and endangered species list.

Sunday’s outdoors page should have more details on some of the above.

It also may have a photo and stories of yet another pending state record fish. Hint – this one rhymes with diaper.