Fishing hotter than the weather

The weather’s  been all we fear late July in Kansas can be – air temperatures around 100 degrees, jungle-like humidity and lake water that feels as warm as bath water.

Fishing conditions at their worst, right?

Wrong. This morning at least 60 bass hit lures like it was April at a watershed east of Newton. It was a wonderful surprise to a spur-of-the-moment trip where 8 or 10 between us would have left us thrilled.

Eagle editor Sherry Chisenhall met me at 7 a.m. in Newton and we headed the five miles to the little lake. The first 15 minutes were fair as we each caught a decent bass along the dam.

We caught another four or five from a nearby cove and were pleased.

Then things got very good in the shallows at the lake’s west end and positively insane around a couple of mid-lake island.

She fished a 1/4 -oz. spinnerbait with a yellow and chartreuse skirt while I tossed a Texas-rigged 7 1/2-inch red Culprit worm. Seriously, the action was nuts!

From around an island smaller than a lot of living rooms we caught 25-30 bass. A lot of the largemouths were 2-3 pounds. A lot.

At least a dozen times we both had fish at the same time. I about had a rod yanked overboard when a bass smacked the bait only inches below the surface while I dug for something in my tackle box.

Sherry’s lure was once hanging maybe four inches from the boat when a bass made a rush at it and smacked into the boat – hard.

This lake’s often good but nothing like this before. Honestly, if we went two or three casts without a strike we considered in a noteworthy accomplishment. I caught five nice bass with as many casts from a patch of water off an island no bigger than a couch.

Most of the fish smacked lures hard and came to the boat with huge bellies. A major feeding frenzy was on.

And the action was good well into the morning. Sherry caught two nice bass as I was gathering up my gear in the bottom of my Scanoe.

The skin on our thumbs feels like sandpaper from holding the Velcro-like lips of so many bass.

It was probably the best two hours of bass fishing I’ve had in almost 50 years of chasing the silly things…and it happened in the middle of a red-hot summer.

Go figure.

No, go fishing. You just never know when they’ll be biting like crazy.