Fine tribute to his friend

I’ve always said one the the greatest injustices in life is that we’re doing well to get 12 years from a great dog while some of our most troublesome family members seem to live forever.

Mike Blair only got 10 years with Java, his chocolate Lab.

Click here to see his tribute to his buddy that recently passed.

Mike, as many of you know, has been a highly-talented photographer with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks for many years. He made the switch to video admirably. About twice a week his works get top-billing on the department’s website –

A guy who personally and professionally spends a lot of time wandering the Kansas countryside, Blair probably shared a lot of that time with Java. Shots on the tribute video show the dog in the seat beside him.

Good for both of them. Labs are born to be buddies and with their “pack” as much as possible, not left behind in a backyard or small kennel.

I know the bond because, like Mike ,I spend a lot of time trolling in the backcountry. As often as possible, Hank’s with me.

Sorry for your loss, Mike, but I hope you get another puppy as soon as you can. People like you are like angels to a dog.

That’s one reason why Java was so special.