Lemur on the loose?

Every year I get several calls or e-mails from someone seeing an unexpected animal roaming in Kansas.

Years ago there was the famed moose of western Kansas. A buddy had an emu walk right into his turkey decoys. Another had a llama walk under his treestand.

Now a friend thinks he has a lemur roaming his farm a few miles west of Newton. He and his wife spotted some tracks they couldn’t identify around his barn. His sister got a good and long look at a strange animal in her drive-way about a half-mile away.

Her description fits a lemur perfectly, especially the ringed tail a yard or more long.

Here’s what she saw.

Many times I’ve wondered if such reports were just cases of mis-identification. But seriously, what could you confuse with a lemur? And how’d an animal native to islands off  Africa’s east coast come to be roaming rural Harvey County.

So, if you hear of someone who’s missing their family lemur let me know.

I may stick a couple of trail cams up in that area.

You never know.