Record crappie – No. Striper -stay tuned

The run of possible state record fish continues to roll on and on. I got calls on two more over the weekend.

The first came from a buddy at Gander Mountain, saying a state record white crappie was caught from the Arkansas River Sunday morning near Riverside Park. The folks bringing the fish in said it was five pounds.

A few minutes later I got a “disregard” phone call. The fish weighed about 3.3 pounds, nearly a pound short of the existing state record. The initial weight was done on old-fashioned spring fishing scales. A digital set at Gander blew the state record hopes out of the water.

Today’s call talking of a new state record wiper caught at Wilson Lake on Friday seems far more likely. I’m still running down details but it appears to have weighed 44 pounds on certified scales with the proper witnesses.

An Ellsworth angler with a lot of experience catching big stripers made the haul. I’m to interview him this afternoon for more details.

The old record was a 43 1/2 pound striper caught from Wilson in 1988.

So, that could be the fourth true state record fish caught this year. Smallmouth bass, rainbow and brown trout records have fallen.

This is the third time I’ve had wild-fish chases. One was on a black crappie said to be a white crappie. It wasn’t weighed properly anyway. The other was a 100-plus pound buffalo that ended up being a grass carp of about 39 pounds when properly identified and weighted.