Doggie calls the cops – oops!

Maggie Tanner’s not very smart – really.

She doesn’t have the sense to walk around a puddle and just splashes her way through. Once she fell into a goldfish pond and just sank to the bottom with nary a wiggle to try to swim up and out.

During a walk in the woods Maggie was absolutely dumb-founded when she found a log on the trail. No, she didn’t go over or around the log – she just stood and stared until her buddy, Beccy Tanner, lifted her over.

Maggie is Beccy’s dog, a rescued Sheltie that’s a pro at her only two jobs – being friendly and going on walks.

But last week Ms. Maggie was smart enough to help summon the police to Beccy’s house using her master’s cell phone.

Too bad Beccy didn’t know it or need it.

Click on this link to read Beccy’s hilarious account on her site on her ol’ hometown of Radium. Scroll down until you see Maggie’s smiling face.

And, oh, having met Maggie and had her answer the phone three times when I’ve called I find Beccy’s account totally believable.

Give it a read. It’s great.