Meatless in Kansas?

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm got herself in the middle of a great debate when she signed a proclamation dedicating March 20 as a day for going meatless in Michigan.

Somehow I don’t think we need to worry about such a proclamation in Kansas. Our ag-based lobbies and legislators from ag areas would raise such a ruckus no governor could work legislation from then on – or get re-elected. Hunting and fishing groups would also pitch as many fits.

Still, Michigan annually is at or near the top of the nation for the sale of hunting and fishing licenses. Much of southern Michigan is pretty serious farm country, too.

Gov. Granholm’s staff said she made the proclamation as a way for residents to save money from their tightening family budgets. Anti-meat groups and animal rights groups say it’s a clear endorsement of a healthier lifestyle and a kinder, gentler society in the making.

Reading the proclamation sure makes it looks like she’s endorsing the anti-meat and animal rights groups. Our last five governors have hunted and taken animals, let alone enjoyed eating meat.

You can click here to see a copy of the proclamation.

Google “Meatless Michigan Governor” and you’llĀ  have more than enough reading material on the topic.