Sounds of spring in the air

Even over gusty winds I heard their calls, and it’s almost impossible for me to not look skyward every time I hear a flock of sandhill cranes trilling overhead. In late October they’re a sure sign that fall has arrived. Now, they’re proof winter is finally gone.

Earlier this week I took a few minutes from working on a photo assignment about habitat changes at Quivira to watch a few thousand cranes, probably recent arrivals at the refuge, flap and glide in twirling flocks.


A few dozen at a time they settled into a shallow stretch of water near the Big Salt Marsh. Even after landing the birds called loudly and flapped about, no doubt excited to be heading northwards to their breeding grounds.

I snapped a few pics before moving down the road.

Even with snow in the forecast there’s no doubt spring is here.

So many sandhill cranes can’t be wrong.