Small town – large laughter

The sign on the edge of town says “Matfield Green – Next Five Exits.

In the 17.2 seconds it takes to drive through the town on Highway 177 you realize the town that covers less than 1/5th of a square-mile only has five streets.

In the “middle” of town is a hand-lettered sign saying something like “Look for our new Super Walmart, coming soon!” This in a town of about 50 people.

So it goes in Chase County.

People in ranch and farm country often have a deep love of laughter. Maybe it’s because they’ve long had to fashion their own entertainment because of their isolation. Dunno, but there’s a certainly a pattern there.

Sunday The Eagle ran an article about how Matfield Green enjoyed its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade last Saturday.

You can click here to see the article, photos and video.

A lack of space in the newspaper kept me from delving into the great sense of humor found in the town and the Hitchin Post, the town’s only business for about the past 30 years.

There’s a sign that says, ‘You don’t have to be crazy to work here – we’ll train you.” There’s also a mount of an old billy goat, with a sign trying to pass it off as some kind of fancy Flint Hills game animal. Hunts for the $20 critters go for $1,500.

Laughter and practical jokes are served up with every thick hamburger and huge plate of fries.

You need to be careful, though.

Last spring I buzzed into town after scouting turkeys and ordered a couple of cheese burgers to go. Susan Hardesty, the Hitchin’ Posts’ owner, let me get almost out the door before she urged me to check the burgers to be sure that’s what I ordered.

Under the buns I found hamburger patties the size of quarters – a far cry from theĀ  usual saucer-sized burgers.

Her “April fools” caught me off-guard.

The crowd was small, but all in the Hitchin’ Post enjoyed a good laugh – including me.