Homeward bound – for the dog and goat

Don’t you just love it when a strange story has a very happy ending?

Such is the case concerning the deer-sized dog and his buddy, a goat that thought it was dog, that I blogged about two weeks ago.

In case you missed it, I was on a friend’s land by the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge when this huge yellowish-white dog came trotting up to be petted. Seriously, the dog was 120 pounds if it was an ounce.

Right behind him was a brown goat that also wanted to be petted.

They hung around the old homestead as long as I did – about two more hours – and enjoyed some attention and even some playing. Seriously, the goat loved a good ear-scratch and running and romping as well as the dog – and it was  a very personable and happy dog.

That night when I asked the landowner about the pair he said he’d never seen them. He called neighbors the next morning and none had seen them or knew where they belonged.

Well, a few days later the goat wandered in to Quivira’s headquarters, just as social and ready to be one of the guys as it had been with me. That’s about three miles from where we’d met.

No sign of the dog, though.

The folks at Q put the goat in a small pen and started making some calls. Eventually they found the owners – who lived about eight miles away! That’s one heck of a haul for the dog, let alone the goat!

The owners said the goat followed the dog everywhere it went. They guessed they’d gone on a walk-about and the goat had finally gotten too tired to keep up with the dog.

The dog eventually arrived back home. They came and hauled the goat from Quivira to their farm.

Next time I’m in the area and have a few minutes to spare I think I’ll swing by and give my ol’ buddies a visit.

Sure never though I’d write a feel-good story that involved a goat.