Deer bill changes, stalls again

A bill that would have required many bowhunters to shoot a doe before they could legally shoot a buck was in the Kansas House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday.

The bill had drawn protest from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and many Kansas sportsmen. A sub-committee that investigated the bill several days ago did not give it approval, said Chris Tymeson, Wildlife and Parks attorney.

On Wednesday committee chairman Larry Powell, R-Garden City, offered an ammendment that removed the doe-before-buck requirements but added language that required crossbows be legalized for all hunters during archery deer seasons, Tymeson said.

Wildlife and Parks was against such legalization, stating the ease of crossbows would bring more hunters into the November rut. Tymeson said within a few years an over-harvest of bucks could harm the age-structure of the Kansas herd and the trophy deer hunting industry.

The bill failed to draw a motion for acceptance.

Though currently stalled, Tymeson said the bill could be rekindled or the contents could be attached to another bill.