Spring had sprung – for a few days

For the past few weeks we’ve been in the kind of winter Kansans won’t forget. Later this week we’re supposed to get more bitter cold and snow.

But in between we had a few days of false spring.

Saturday a buddy saw two live frogs on a muddy road. I saw the remnants of where something had eaten most of a garter snake the day before. In a spot where the sun hit and wind didn’t I saw a few flying insects buzzing around that afternoon.

Several friends reported hearing male cardinals singing at their best at dawn and dusk. While duck hunting we heard male pintails making the peeping call they use to attract the hens.

Though it seems out of place none of the above is unusual.

I’ve seen snakes active in Kansas all 12 months of the year. It’s the same with insects. Male cardinals seem to need little prodding to break-out into their pretty calls.

But they won’t be anywhere to be heard or found when the temps drop and the snowflakes fly later this week.

But they’ll be back. Much of nature is as ready for spring as we are.