Kansas has more CWD cases

Four more deer killed in northwest Kansas are suspected of having chronic wasting disease. That’s in addition to six deer reported to have the disease about three weeks ago.

Mike Miller, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks information chief, said the deer were shot during recent deer seasons. Tissue samples were taken from about 2,300 deer for testing at a K-State laboratory. Most came from the 2009 deer seasons. Slightly more than half have been tested.

The four recently reported as positive at K-State have been sent to Iowa for federal verification. The six sent to Iowa earlier this month were confirmed to have the disease.

Chronic wasting disease is always fatal in deer, elk and moose. It hasn’t been documented in livestock, pets or humans.

It was first identified along the Colorado/Wyoming border about 40 years ago. Kansas’ first case was in 2005 in the extreme northwest corner of the state. Ten deer tested positive for CWD last year.

It appears to be moving eastward and southward.

One of the four that recently tested positive at K-State was the first-ever from Logan County.