1917 outdoors magazine

Recently at a wild game dinner a friend of a friend presented me with a framed June, 1917 issue of Forest and Stream magazine.

Luckily it’s in great shape and I can easily remove it from the frame for reading.

It’s been pretty enjoyable. Here’s some of what I’ve found-

-The back cover is an advertisement of “The Oldsmobile, Nineteenth Year.”

-One of the first articles stresses the basics of rifle marksmanship and states, “The time is ahead when you on your marksmanship may depend the safety of something you would want to fight to keep.”

That’s surely a reference to America’s recent entrance  into World War I.

-There was a precocious article on the importance of protecting the big game living within national parks. The article said deer, elk, moose, antelope and mountain sheep within the parks would be needed to re-stock the many areas of the American west were they’d been extirpated.

At the time only three states allowed elk hunting and none allowed pronghorn antelope to be legally shot.

-On the other extreme are ads showing huge stringers of Atlantic salmon from eastern rivers that completely lost the fish to pollution and the building of dams in the coming decades.

-There are few ads related to automobiles but several to train trips. One advertisement is from a  train line that would take anglers to the “virgin wilderness waters” of the North Carolina mountains.

-My favorite part of the magazine is a tiny one-inch ad buried amid a page near the back of the magazine. It’s for a funky kind of shoe for fishing and early fall hunting, with regular leather uppers and rubber bottoms.

They were being sold by some guy named L. L. Bean in Maine.

Pretty cool.