Strike nine – we’re out!

I can see it now. Some animal rights group will name me their “2010 Deer Guide of the Year.”

They’ll see me as no danger to whitetails.

Friend Carolyn and I headed out this afternoon(Sunday) for the last day of the January doe season in unit 15.

We found trails worn almost down to bare dirt in some places, fresh tracks and so much deer poo it looked like a raisin farm in some places.

But though we sat for nearly three hours we  didn’t see hide, hair, nostril, hoof, eye or any other part of a deer – again.

Nine hunts and only three deer seen and a couple of more heard. Not sure I’ll ever know where I went wrong.

And to end it all I almost got stuck when I drove the wrong trail heading home after the hunt.

I should have gotten the hint when a gust of wind about turned me into the Kansas version of “Balloon Boy.” Back in late November a  massive gust pushed my pop-up blind airborne just as I was tying the first anchor rope. I had a hand wrapped in the rope and got a pretty good tow southward until I got freed.

And there was the charging skunk and watching a nice buck at 11 yards the first day of doe-only season, plus some brutal cold.

But I learned quite a bit about birding from Carolyn, got some great trail camera photos and always had an excuse to sneak out for a little scouting between hunts. There were some good sunsets and a very close look at possibly the world’s ugliest coyote.

No deer were shot, but that doesn’t mean we totally failed.