Check lane nabs poachers

Sunday afternoon a cooperative effort of the Kansas Highway Patrol and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks teamed together to clean-up those using the state’s roads and hunting fields.

Scott Hanzlicek, Wildlife and Parks game warden in-charge of their portion of the operation, said eight Highway Patrol troopers and 10 Wildlife and Parks law enforcement officials worked a traffic stop west of Harper on Highway 160.

“KHP had a license-check lane up on the road,” Hanzliceck said. “If they observed somebody who had been hunting they directed them to our lane. We checked 30-plus vehicles and over 50 hunters.”

The check lanes were scheduled to run from 1-5 p.m. but were closed at about 3:30 p.m. because of weather concerns.

Hanzlicek said several people were issued citations for hunting without a license. Two individuals were cited  for more serious matters.

Among a multitude of charges was wanton waste, misrepresentation to get a resident license and trespass.

One of the hunters was caught just cutting the head from a buck and leaving the rest of the deer in the field where he didn’t have permission to hunt.

Hanzlicek said a deer already taken to a taxidermist in Oklahoma will be seized.

He stressed that the majority of hunters checked were well within the laws.

“That’s two or three out of 50 or more. The rest did pretty well,” he said. “It’s always a few that are really screwing things up.”