Jet-lag or weather-lag?

I don’t know which is worse, the jet-lag or the weather-lag.

It was in the mid-80s on Kauai and we find this when we got off the plane in Wichita? Somebody wake me up, I’m ready for this nightmare to end.

Kind of interesting to look back on the past few weeks, though.

Within the past couple of weeks I’ve been in extreme northeastern Maine and extreme southwestern Hawaii. That’s about as far as you can stretch things in America. I figure the two places are well more than 5,500 miles apart.

Glad I wasn’t driving between the two.

Both placesĀ  were amazingly beautiful and I really enjoyed hanging around with the locals. It seems like about anytime I’m in a rural area I can find some kind of common ground with the locals.

In Maine it was mostly talking about the weather, hunting and fishing. On Kauai it was mostly talking about the weather, hunting and fishing. Hmmm.

And people everywhere want to talk about their dogs. That’s just more fun for me in rural areas because they’re often talking about working dogs.

Interesting, though, that in all of my travels of late I’ve consistently found the worst weather in central Kansas. Go figure.

Hopefully the cool and wet conditions will continue through November when I’ll be spending a couple of weeks of mornings in duck blinds and afternoons in bowhunting stands.

I’m sure I’ll be over my jet-lag by then.