Great language, but what with dinner?

As a man with a very simple mind I greatly appreciate people who can simplify things as much as possible.

Native Hawaiians certainly knew what they were doing when developing their delightfully easy  language.

But some of their words don’t seem to correspond well with English – like pu-pu with dinner.

As near as I can tell it only takes about 12 letters to write any word in Hawaiian. All I can remember seeing are the five vowels and H,K,L,M,N,P and W. Man, think about it, we could have keyboards with just one row.

Better  yet, every word is spelled exactly how it sounds. Somebody tells you their last name and if you go slow you can spell it correctly every time. Ditto when taking notes on what beach or waterfall to see. It’s so, so much easier than English.

Unfortunately much of their native language was lost when it was virtually outlawed as missionaries and “civilized” governments came to the islands.

But the language is coming back and some words and phrases never left. Many involve food and are commonly used.

Most are kind of cool, like mahi-mahi to describe dolphin-fish or ahi for tuna.

But the one word that continues to raise my eyebrows is the word they use for snacks – pu-pu.

We’ve seen signs talking about picnics where drinks are provided but people are supposed to “bring your own pu-pu.”

Instead of appetizers you see a menu offering such great things as mahi-mahi, crab, or ahi  pu-pu to begin your culinary adventure.

But you know when in Hawaii you have to do like the Hawaiians so I’ve over-looked the name and dug-in.

And every pu-pu I’ve tried has been great. I guess when it comes to seafood the Hawaiians really know their—stuff.