Road warriors said it takes about 15 hours of driving to get from Topeka to New Stanton, Pa. They obviously didn’t know about the danged road construction in Ohio, and West Virginia, and Indiana.

It took us about 17 hours.

Chris Tymeson and I left his Topeka home at about 5:30 Friday morning, Maine-bound for his moose hunt that begins Monday morning. I’m along to share in the driving, take a lot of photos and hopefully do a little ruffed grouse hunting.

Saturday, we’ll start heading northward, not far off the Atlantic coast. Chris is adamant about detouring through Maryland and Delaware so he can add those to the list of states he’s visited. (Personally, I couldn’t care less, but we are pretty close, and he is giving me a lot of the moose meat. :-)

Anyway, word has it there’s high-speed wireless at the hunting lodge, so I’m hoping to add some blogs and pics every day.

The foliage ought to be gorgeous!