Cassie’s gift

092409cassiedeer_mp001Jeff Forcum was due some added happiness in his life.

He and his wife, Karen, got laidoff from Cessna in April.

Last week their 9-year-old daughter, Cassie, gave him enough to keep him smiling for years.

On Sept. 16 he had Cassie out for the youth deer season. She made a nice 65-yard shot on a doe, her first-ever deer, with a scope-mounted .30-.30. Minutes before the season closed Sunday evening she shot one of the biggest does her dad had ever seen.

But their experience started years before,

when daughter tagged-along with dad on his hunts.

“I loved teaching her about the outdoors, all of the tracks we find she can identify,” Forcum said. “We just love being outdoors together.”

They tried last year to get her a deer and failed. This year’s success is very well-timed.

“She’s providing some much-needed meat for her family,” the proud father said. “I process all of our meat. We’re very avid (venison)-eaters. This will really help us out.”