Lists, lists, lists

Five things I’m looking forward to during some extended time off from the Eagle starting next week

5. Playing some golf.

4. Watching Game of Thrones from Season 1.

3. Watching many, many St. Louis Cardinals games.

2. Taking a driving trip with my wife.

1. Watching kids play baseball in League 42

10 favorite Woody Allen movies

10. Manhattan Murder Mystery

9. Manhattan

8. The Purple Rose of Cairo

7. Match Point

6. Crimes and Misdemeanors

5. Midnight in Paris

4. Zelig

Blue Jasmine is my all-time favorite Woody Allen movie.

Blue Jasmine is my all-time favorite Woody Allen movie.

3. Hannah and Her Sisters

2. Annie Hall

1. Blue Jasmine

Five topics I’ve considered for a book

5. Fiction about a professional sports serial killer (I have a dark side).

4. Burial places for Major League Baseball icons. My concept is more interesting than the brief description.

3. Stories about League 42, which I’ll be doing on my League 42 blog starting next week at

2. Spending my life in newspapers and mostly at one newspaper.

1. My childhood friends and how we’ve remained in contact for so many years.

10 great childhood memories

10. Going to a North-Derby high school basketball game in Derby when I was 5. The game was televised on Channel 10 and it was played on a Saturday afternoon. Riney Lochmann was a star at North at the time and Derby was led by Stan Pulliam and the Gaskin brothers.

9. Riding my fancy bicycle with its high handlebars up and down North Baltimore Street while popping wheelies.

8. My mother’s cooking.

7. Spending so much time with my dad at games.

6. Playing two-on-two basketball with one of those aforementioned life-long friends, Doug Baber. In our memories, we were unbeaten as a two-on-two powerhouse.

5. Hanging out with my older friend, Steve Woolson, who lived across the street and taught me a lot of things.

4. Neighborhood baseball games at Pleasantview Elementary. We just showed up around noon and there were always plenty of guys to play a pick-up game that lasted for a couple of hours. And it happened almost every day during the summer.

3. Playing basketball by myself in my backyard. I pretended I was the Wichita State team, or a pro team. But mostly, I was the Shockers. And I spent hours upon hours playing games while doing my own broadcast of the game.

2. Playing army with my friends in the neighborhood. It was intense and exciting and we discovered so many awesome hiding places.

1. The music of my youth. I had a small turntable and hundreds of records and I could spend hours listening and singing along and memorizing words to songs.

Five television shows I didn’t miss as a kid

5. The Lucy Show

4. Bonanza

3. Gunsmoke

2. All in the Family

1. The Andy Griffith Show

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