Lists, lists, lists

10 favorite Robert DeNiro movies

10. Mean Streets

9. The King of Comedy

8. Awakenings

7. Falling in Love

6. Raging Bull

5. The Deer Hunter

4. Cape Fear

3. The Godfather Part II

2. Goodfellas

1. Taxi Driver

Top 10 Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers, when applicable) songs

10. The Waiting

9. Love Is a Long Road

8. Jammin’ Me

7. Honey Bee

6. Free Fallin’

5. Running Down a Dream

4. Into the Great Wide Open

3. Refugee

2. Mary Jane’s Last Dance

1. You Wreck Me

What some of my favorite musicians from the 1970s are worth

(According to

Bruce Springsteen, $250 million

Don Henley, $200 million

Steven Tyler, $130 million

Stevie Nicks, $75 million

Tom Petty, $75 million

Neil Young, $65 million

Bob Seger, $45 million

Steve Miller, $40 million

David Crosby, $40 million

Eddie Money, $20 million

Stephen Stills, $20 million

Jackson Browne, $12 million

Favorite days of the week (in order)








Five favorite high school memories

5. Graduating, I think. I’m almost 100 percent sure I graduated, although I have no proof.

4. Driving around Derby looking for something to do and almost always failing in that endeavor.

3. Playing high school baseball.

2. Parties. Way, way too many parties.

1. Not going to prom or homecoming. And it wasn’t because I couldn’t find a date, despite what you might hear.