Daily Archives: April 4, 2014

Friday musings

* I upgraded my DirecTV service this week and got one of those Genie DVRs which allows us to record five shows at a time. Five shows at a time. I barely watch five shows a week. But apparently I just had to have this new DVR. My television is also now hooked up to the Internet, which is cool. Because the Internet now runs all of our lives. Morning, noon and night. Who doesn’t love the Internet?

* The Royals open at home today, in fact here in just about an hour, after two walk-off losses in Detroit. I suggested on radio last night changing that term from walk-off to Yost-off, in honor of Royals manager Ned Yost. Or in dishonor. What do you think?

* Not sure how the Cardinals won two out of three in Cincinnati, especially after scoring one run in the first two games. But I’ll take it. Should be an interesting series in Pittsburgh over the weekend.

* Baseball racks my nerves, just so you know.

* I feel like I should be out in the family room, messing around with that new Genie DVR.

* I’m trying to decide what kind of trip I want to take with my wife this summer, with full understanding that she’ll have the final say. Perhaps even the only so. But I do want to make a suggestion and I think it’s going to be that we drive across the state of Montana and stop in every redneck bar we see. Something tells me she won’t mind the driving part, but the stopping part, the redneck part and the bar part might give her pause. There’s something about Montana that fascinates me. Any Montanans out there who want to provide some tips on what to do up there? All suggestions are welcome.

* I’d like to go through Yellowstone on the way home.

* I like Kentucky to beat Florida for college basketball’s national championship. Or Florida to beat Kentucky. I just know I want to see those teams meet for a fourth time Monday night.

* I’m looking forward to Wrestlemania 30 this weekend. We have people over, including my son, and my wife loves having people over. If you just had me over all the time, wouldn’t you love having other people over, too? I know I would. I wish I wasn’t over as much as I am, but I don’t really have anywhere else to go. Anyway, we enjoy the wrestling pay-per-views.

* I used to worry about letting people know I enjoyed professional wrestling for fear that they would think I was not as bright as certain I come across as being. But somewhere along the way, I stopped worrying about that. I don’t think pro wrestling is real or anything like that. I think it’s entertainment. And as entertainment, it passes the muster. Although I don’t really know what muster is. I just looked it up, though, and it has something to do with the military.

* Back to wrestling. I’m looking forward to the Undertaker putting his Wrestlemania unbeaten streak on the line against Brock Lesnar. ‘Taker, as I call him, has won 21 in a row.

* I have never owned a motorcycle or a pickup truck. What does that say about me? Because it seems like everyone drives a truck or rides a cycle. I’m feeling a little left out. But I’m too old now for a motorcycle. And I don’t really need a truck that I know of. Maybe I do and just don’t know it. I know it’s great to haul things in a pickup. But when I need to haul things, I just borrow one of my friends’ trucks. So that means that if I were to get a truck, I’d have to loan it out a lot. No thanks.

* I’ve had this jar of peppermint candy sitting on my desk down here for about a year. I’ve never opened it because it’s a little bit out of reach and I’d have to struggle a little bit to get to it. I guess I don’t like peppermint candy enough to struggle. Now if that was a box of Milk Duds I’d have thrown an arm out of socket to get to it.

* I’ll still watch the Masters without Tiger Woods. Golf doesn’t begin and end with Tiger. Yes, it would be more interesting if he was in the field. But he’s not. And golf will survive. It would be nice, though, for someone to step up as a dominant player. It looked like Rory McIlroy would be that guy, but he’s been too inconsistent. Golf, like all sports, does need superstars. Different players winning from week to week can’t be good for viewership.

* Wichita State first baseman Casey Gillaspie looks like a can’t miss major league prospect to me. I saw him hit three bullets – one for a long home run and the other two for up-the-middle singles – against Cal State Fullerton last Saturday. The guy can really hit.

* I like this group of “American Idol” singers. I know “The Voice” is really popular right now and that’s fine. I’m sure there are good singers and the format of the show works. And there’s a girl from Maize on the show this year. But AI is still my favorite. And here’s my ranking of the eight singers left, from 1-8 with 1 being my favorite. But I’ll start with No. 8 to build suspense. Can you feel the suspense being built? OK, here goes: 8 – C.J. Harris; 7 – Malaya Watson; 6 – Dexter Roberts; 5 – Sam Woolf; 4 – Jena Irene; 3 – Caleb Johnson; 2 – Jessica Meuse; 1. Alex Preston.

* Thanks everyone. As always, have a great weekend. League 42 practices start this weekend, so that’s really exciting for me. We have some big festivities in the planning stages for the week of April 28, which is when our games will start at McAdams Park. I hope you’ll come by.