“The Following”

Once in a great while, and usually when sports aren’t hot and heavy, I’ll use my blog to write about something not related to sports.

Today is one of those days.

The FollowingI want to write about the most disturbing, ridiculous and can’t-take-my-eyes-off television shows I’ve ever come across. It’s called The Following and it airs on Fox on Monday nights.

Early in last night’s episode – and this show easily could be called Cults Gone Wild – a member of Joe Carroll’s new cult was asked to perform a ritualistic murder via stabbing of another cultist. She followed through as Joe, the major antagonist in this series, fondly looked on like a proud father.

But what’s a television show with just one deranged lunatic bent on killing everyone in his path? This year, we’ve been introduced to Lily, or as I call her psychopath No. 2. She, too, just can’t get enough when it comes to mayhem and murder and it appears she and Joe are in a battle to see which of the two groups can inflict the most killing.

In one scene last night, a group of butchers enters a bakery – I wish this was the set-up to a joke – and starts to stab everyone in sight. This is Lily’s group at work, though it’s becoming harder to keep the two sides straight.

Meanwhile, the FBI, along with state and local authorities, can’t seem to get a handle on these murderous louts. The leader of the good guys, Ryan, is played by Kevin Bacon, who never seems to make any progress toward catching the bad guys. And since this show will be back again next season, it doesn’t appear he’s on the verge.

Oh, he’s trying. For an hour every week, he’s trying. But if The Following was a football game, Bacon’s team would be trailing 75-0 at halftime.

Yet we’re supposed to believe he’s on the verge of catching Joe, Lily and every other do-bad creep.

But the real question here is: Why do I keep watching?

And I do keep watching. I can’t resist, even though this show represents the worst in people and brings out the worst in me. I pretty much can’t stand any character on the show. I want Joe Carroll to die. I want Lily to meet her maker. I even think it’d be OK if Kevin Bacon was offed, to borrow an old mafia term.

When it comes right down to it, I suppose I’m a fan of the action. Say what you want about this show, but there is action. The killing never stops.

My wife will not watch this show with me. No way. Yet it’s doing well enough in the ratings to warrant a third season, so somebody is watching.

As I sit glued to the action, I sometimes wonder why I have lowered myself to watching a violent, bloody mess like The Following. I worry a little bit what it must say about me. I feel shame.

But I’ll be tuning in next week. This show is the ultimate guilty pleasure.