Daily Archives: Feb. 12, 2014

Lists, lists, lists

I hope you Shocker fans will join us at Side Pockets on Sunday, starting at 11 a.m., for the eight first-round games of the Shocker Invitational. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ll break at 4 to watch the WSU game at Evansville. Should be a good WSU day.

Now for some lists, with a Shocker bent:

10 favorite WSU players from the 1960s

1. Dave Stallworth

2. Warren Armstrong

3. Kelly Pete

4. Jamie Thompson

5. Dave Leach

6. Nate Bowman

7. Greg Carney

8. Leonard Kelley

9. Ernie Moore

10. Ron Mendell

10 favorite WSU players from the 1970s

1. Cheese Johnson

2. Robert Elmore

3. Terry Benton

4. Ron Harris

5. Vince Smith

6. Calvin Bruton

7. Robert Gray

8. Neil Strom

9. Bob Wilson

10. Rich Morsden

5 best things about being on ESPN’s Outside the Lines today

1. Appearing smarter than Jay Bilas

2. Looking much younger on television

3. Sharing the show with Barry Hinson

4. My three hours in make-up

5. When it ended. It was nerve-racking because I was not seeing the show, I was looking directly into a camera and hearing the show through an ear piece.

5 reasons I enjoy Facebook

1. Finding old friends and family members (true)

2. Being invited to play games (not true)

3. Being poked (not true)

4. Wishing folks a Happy Birthday (true)

5. The League 42 group (true)

5 reasons I enjoy Twitter

1. The witty repartee (true)

2. The breaking news (true)

3. The jerks (true, strange at that seems)

4. Deciding who to follow (not true, there’s so much pressure)

5. Getting the latest Eagles news from Don Henley and Glenn Frey (not true, they’re not Tweeters)

Ranking the seven Oscar-nominated movies I’ve seen

(Haven’t yet seen Her and Philomena

1. Twelve Years a Slave

2. Nebraska

3. Captain Phillips

4. American Hustle

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

6. Dallas Buyers Club

7. Gravity

5 reasons I love American Idol

1. Excellent singers.

2. Nut jobs who think they’re excellent singers.

3. Sentimental stories. I’m a sap in real life.

4. Harry Connick, Jr., hits it out of the park.

5. OK, I admit it, J-Lo.

By the way, I like Keith Urban, too.